Food is fuel; home or away

Food is going nowhere. Simple. It is this realisation that has completely transformed my attitude to eating. I have decided to consume food that FUELS me; FUELS my ambition and FUELS my day-to-day life. I love the odd bit of chocolate, and have learned to only consume what my macros allow, and ONLY what my macros allow. I know that when I wake up the next day, I can still eat more of that chocolate. And the next day. And the next day. By only eating what fits my macros, I never wake up feeling guilty, nor go to the gym to “burn off” a meal. I go to the gym because I love it and because I want to improve.

Do I have to eat egg whites almost every day? Absolutely not. But do I want to? Yes. Do I want to eat catered food? Absolutely not. But in some cases do I have to? Sadly, yes. Being in the world of business, I have to travel. Business trips are not renowned for their freedom, either time wise or nutrition wise, with lots of events being mass catered. I have now been on two business trips and managed to stick predominantly to nutrient dense foods which fuel me, not guilt me. In order to do so, you have to plan. Below was what I packed for one of my trips; containers of veggies, salmon/tuna sachets, oats, green teas, protein bars and sachets of nut butters. I also took with me my supplements, all weighed out. 20160709_221420

On my most recent trip, I worked 15 hour days on my feet with no handbags allowed. So I bought a fanny pack and packed in some protein bars, nuts, whey, nut butter and salmon/tuna sachets. I used my stash as emergency snacks but also as an accompaniment to supplement the available food. I kept oats in my hotel room and soaked them to create overnight oats.

A perk of travelling on business trips can also be the food. I have also eaten some delicious mass catered food and carefully selected my options: 20160712_113437

Living a bodybuilding lifestyle IS possible whilst travelling, but you have to plan. I have not been able to stick to my macros completely, but I have managed to fuel my body. I eat a very high carbohydrate, low fat diet 4 times a week and so had to forego some carbohydrates while away. I was insistent to eat as cleanly as possible, because as well as fuelling my workouts, my days were gruelling, and would I have been so cheerful and efficient if I was succumbing to the never-ending pizza and deep fried twinkies? Absolutely not. Whatever the day holds, food is fuel. Food is not something to be consumed and later feel guilty about or need to “burn off”. What I have embarked on is a lifestyle and I don’t see why business trips and healthy eating can’t coincide.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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