10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

  1. Know your triggers for what makes you feel like you have had a successful workout. For me, if I am not sweating at the end of my workout, I don’t feel like it has been intense enough. Once you know how you rate your success, you can work with it. For example, rarely am I dripping with sweat after I have trained shoulders, so I incorporate a little circuit at the end of my workout to elevate my heart rate and induce some sweat!
  2. Fuel yourself. Ensure you are sufficiently fuelled for your workout. It is your time to make the most of the calories you have eaten and put them to use. Don’t starve yourself before exercising, but equally don’t gorge either. A balanced meal of protein and carbohydrates 2 – 3 hours before is my perfect pre-workout fuel.
  3. Activate your glutes. Whatever you are training, activate your glutes. Most of us spend a large proportion of our day sitting down on our glutes – they can get lazy! Bodyweight exercises with a resistance band are perfect to start off your workout and activate your glutes. My favourite glute activation exercises are; fire hydrants, glute bridges, curtsy lunges and abductor movement on a bench using the band. You can find plenty more online!
  4. Make yourself a playlist. Ensure that your music is what you are wanting to listen to so you are not spending your rest periods searching for a motivating track. This will help keep your rest periods short and focused.
  5. Change up your workouts! Don’t do the same thing all the time; my workout plans change monthly. This keeps me from being bored and also ensures I am progressing by having a wide array of exercises.
  6. Utilize a variety of training methods. I personally am better at endurance type training as opposed to anything with power and speed. Sets with lots of reps work with my style and I feel more in my comfort zone with these, but I also do train with heavier weights for fewer reps too. This enables me to develop strength and
  7. Leave your ego at the door. Gyms are a great place for meeting people with a wealth of knowledge. If someone approaches you to suggest improvements to your form or offer suggestions, take it as a compliment. They wouldn’t bother if they didn’t think you were worth their time.
  8. Watch other people. Now I don’t mean outright ogle at people exercising, but take note of what you like about what other people are doing in the gym and how they look. Personally, I am always in awe of peoples’ hamstrings and calves and often watch what they do to exercise these muscle groups. Utilize other peoples’ expertise to your advantage!
  9. Be at the gym because you want to be. We all get days that we aren’t motivated, but if you are heading to the gym to relieve guilt or to compensate something you ate, you are there for the wrong reasons. You will not be focused on your workout if you are concentrating on your guilt.
  10. Enjoy it. This sort of leads on from the last point, but it is the most important one of all. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, change it. Exercise is for life, create habits that you enjoy!

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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