Why I joined Team New York Muscle Radio

I initially decided to ‘launch’ a separate Instagram account (@benchpressingbaubles) to my personal Instagram so I could post foodie and fitness items to my heart’s content without encroaching on my day-to-day posts and also so my friends could ‘opt in’ if they wanted to see endless fitness posts. I am very aware that not all of my ‘real life’ friends are interested in my breakfast or my latest gym session, but also aware of how prevalent social media, and health/fitness is on social media. Although such posts may not interest my friends, the wider world can take inspiration; reassurance; motivation etc. from what I have to say. Having a separate Instagram account has also given me an avenue to share information, my successes and failures and I have found it so rewarding.

With having a separate Instagram account, I have also become a lot more adventurous in seeking out fellow health and fitness advocates, both on a local and global level. In my thirst for knowledge, I discovered New York Muscle Radio. I have only had an iPad for approximately three months and purchased one due to my lengthy commutes (hearing Justin Bieber repeatedly got old, fast!) so began listening to podcasts. I was immediately drawn to the titles of the podcasts by New York Muscle Radio – relevant and varied. The first episode I listened to ‘What not to do during peak week’ really struck a chord and I quickly downloaded prior episodes. Pete and Anthony have such a breadth of knowledge which they communicate so clearly, yet naturally. You can tell that the information they are sharing is learned from experience instead of regurgitated textbook. Nothing is difficult to understand, even when they are explaining more complex health and fitness terminology (I had always wondered what FST7 stood for and the reasoning for its placement in some training programs). They cater for audiences far beyond stereotypical ‘meatheads’ and have such a varied and extensive guest list too, covering topics like eating disorders, flexible dieting, powerlifting…even photography. Beyond the factual aspects, their podcast is full of banter, often involving distaste for any soy products, which leaves you laughing along and people judging you at stop lights. Plus I love their accents, wish I said coffee like they do!

With the information Pete and Anthony share about themselves, I knew that I could be a New York Muscle Radio athlete. They live and breathe flexible dieting (and have a longer run on MyFitnessPal than I do!) which is really important to me. I have done the whole keto low calorie diet and learned that it doesn’t work for me. I have learned that my body loves carbs and I also love food and cooking far too much to be living off plain foods – healthy eating is not synonymous with suffering. I also love their training recommendations. I have never been one to do workouts purely because someone pretty did them on Instagram, but I know lots of people do that. I like working out like a guy (just without the grunting) and am always on a mission to get more confident at lifting heavy. Moreover, I can relate to their work ethic as well as their passion for health and fitness. These guys are both highly driven (they wouldn’t have a leading podcast on top of full time jobs and families if they weren’t) and also they attribute lots of their successes to the bodybuilding world. I, too, am very driven and also really fell in love with fitness when I felt like the rest of my life was falling apart.

I would never apply to be sponsored by anything or anyone that I didn’t love. It goes against all my fundamental principles. I love New York Muscle Radio, and also love how much they share my appreciation for Trader Joe’s and Dymatize protein powder. So when I heard they were searching for sponsored athletes, I knew I had to apply. I was completely shocked that they have taken little old me on board, and can’t thank them enough for this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Cheers to New York Muscle Radio! Go check them out: www.newyorkmuscleradio.com

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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