What not to do in 2017

So the end of 2016 is approaching and many of us are reflecting on the past year and thinking ahead to 2017. Gone are the days where we can wear glittery glasses for the upcoming year (unless you want to resemble a festive pirate), but, unfortunately some other less glittery stereotypical new year trends will likely surface. Here is my guide of the top 7 resolutions for 2017 not to make.

1. Buy into detox weight loss tea diets. These detox tea diets really should be regulated – they are extremely harmful and are not a solution to ‘shedding the Christmas bulge’. Having used such tea diets before, I know exactly what they involve. It will make you feel physically drained and you will spend most of your evening on the toilet. They are not cleanses but dietetics and laxatives. All you are losing is water and your body is not digesting nutrients effectively either.

2. Exercise more in the first week of January than you did in the whole of 2016. I confess that I dread January in the gym and it isn’t because I resent people’s New Years resolutions, but because I know that the majority of the people monopolizing the equipment are doing so for one month only. Don’t start off the year by going to the gym multiple times in a day if you haven’t been exercising for a while. You will feel incredibly sore, therefore not wanting to go back, and, realistically, are your multiple trips sustainable? Instead, start off aiming to go 2 – 3 times a week and build on it as time goes on.

3. Set large resolutions only. Big goals are great; they show ambition and a commitment to strive for something. But large goals are also seemingly unattainable. As well as setting large resolutions, split each resolution into parts. What steps do you need to achieve this large goal? What small benchmarks along the way can you set for smaller recognitions of success? By doing this, your large goal is a lot more attainable – you have an action plan and measures of success.

4. Set the same resolutions you have done for the last 5 years. If you haven’t achieved your New Years resolution from 2012 now, then chances are you are not going to. Ask yourself, why is this a recurring resolution? Is it really important to me? Questioning yourself about this resolution will make you think about it more. Are you only settting it because you think you should? If you are convinced this should be a resolution, then break that goal up into smaller goals so this year you really can achieve it.

5. Reflect on 2016 as wholly positive or negative. Some years are happier than others. Some years bring more pain than others. While you may be looking forward to closing the door on 2016, I urge you to look for the good and the bad in the year you had. Being aware of your emotions and experiences can only make you more self-aware and better equipped to deal with whatever 2017 has in store.

6. Set yourself up for failure. Okay so you have your New Years resolutions, and, seeing as it is the start of the year, your motivation is high. But then you still have Christmas chocolate. And the weather is cold (unless you live in Florida). Still, you start off eating chicken and broccoli for a couple of days and then you cave…devouring an entire box of chocolates (including the flavours you don’t really like). Instead of setting yourself up for failure, focus on making a few small changes to your lifestyle. For example, swap your afternoon biscuits for a protein bar; search on Pinterest for a healthy recipe using your favorite ingredient; use your lunch break for a refreshing walk… the list is endless! Focus on small changes and they will soon add up to big ones!

7. Measure success by the scales. I have written an entire blogpost on this, but success is not measured by the number on the scales. It is easy for me to tell you that, which is why I included images, so I could show that the scales are useful…to a limited point. Instead measure your success by how you feel and how you look; do you have more energy? Is your skin clearer? Are you more healthy? Can you run further? 

I will write a separate blog post with my reflections of my 2016 resolutions and my resolutions for 2017, but I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017; the two most important aspects of any year.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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