Thanks a latte 2016 & Starting 2017 off on the right foot (literally)

I am not going to do a fully reflective blogpost on 2016, as I feel that most of that, for me, is best done away from the Internet. But I am going to reflect on some of last year’s resolutions that I scrawled down on my ‘Notes’ section on my phone, as, sometimes, it is nice to give yourself a little pat on the back, see how your goals have changed, and, also seeing where you ‘failed’!

1. Get a new job. Can definitely check that one off the 2016 ‘achieved’ list. New job in a new career and I love it!

2. Be able to do a muscle up.¬†Can’t remotely say I have achieved this! I am too fearful of jumping (sounds ridiculous I know) so I don’t think this is likely to happen any time soon.

3. Be able to squat 70kg. Yes! Seeing how much my squat has progressed is really satisfying. My one rep max is 170lbs (77kg).

4. Be able to deadlift 200lbs. Again, yes! I have repped 235lbs recently!

5. Spend more time on myself. This sounds a little selfish, but think I have done well with this in 2016. I treat myself all the time; from new candles to manicures to massages to a sneaky bit of Netflix now and again.

6. Improve my relationship with myself and food. Definitely, yes. I don’t feel guilty, binge or deprive myself of anything; food or otherwise.

As you can see, lots of my resolutions last year were very focused on food and fitness. I think they needed to be as I was flat out miserable. Giving myself both numerical and qualitative resolutions, it gave me a broad range of specific and interpretative goals to aim for.

So what are my goals for 2017? I began 2017 with my siblings, watching fireworks, literally standing on my right foot only!

  1. Meet new people.
  2. Squat 200lbs.
  3. Do pull ups without a box as my starting point!
  4. Get a promotion.
  5. Move out.
  6. Get a dog.
  7. Get more adventurous with my hair.
  8. Be extra vigilant with my dental regime.
  9. Compete in a bikini competition and not look out of place.
  10. Go on a solo vacation.

I also have 4 more resolutions that I have written down but am keeping completely personal. When I have achieved them, I may share, but I do think some things are better off the Internet.

2017, I am excited!

-Benchpressingbaubles, x



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