11 weeks out: No-one knows I am prepping

4 weeks of dieting down…it still really is a breeze! I am hungry occasionally, but I was hungry during my off season too. As soon as I eat, I am satisfied! The part that I like the most is the fact that outside of my online ‘world’, very few people know I am prepping. I love bodybuilding, but I also have a life outside of it and am working exceptionally hard in my career too as I really want a promotion within the next 6 months. I also have many friends and family members who have zero interest in bodybuilding so I like to express my passion online and in the gym and, outside of these avenues, I talk about it very little. So far, dieting has not hindered me once!

Weight loss: 0.9lbs. Mid-week, my weight was up again. It made me feel a bit frustrated as my cardio had been upped, but I got told that weight loss at the start is often slower as your body adjusts. I can’t say I feel any leaner since I started dieting, but most of my clothes fit a bit better.

Cardio: 2 x 7 HIIT intervals. I used battle ropes again – these will be the death of me! The gym is always way too busy to be doing sled pushes, and, personally, I am terrible at HIIT on a bike – I definitely don’t fully push myself and spend too long faffing about with the resistance!

Calories: 2 x refeed days a week (carbohydrates increase to 255g, fats and protein remain the same). Regular days my carbohydrates have been reduced, but are still 190g.

Dieting approach: flexible dieting. Check out my Instagram to see what I have been eating.

Training: 6 workouts a week.

How I am feeling: Feeling great! I made a benchpress PR this week and the rest of my lifts have been solid too. I am striving for progressive overload every session and don’t feel like I am deprived of fuel to be able to do so. I am still consuming 50g carb powder between pre and intra workout as I am a big advocate of carb powders for intra-workout fuel. Next time my carbs are lowered, I will probably take it out of the carb powder and see how my workouts respond. For me, trying to reach the balance of great workouts, satiety and zero cravings is my goal!

My nutrition and workouts are programmed by New York Muscle Radio go check these guys out and search for their Podcast on iTunes or YouTube.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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