10 weeks out: My glutes are the biggest they have ever been

Apart from Florida getting chilly this week and me re-acquainting myself with jumpers and fluffy socks, it has been another good week! This week I head to a business conference for a week – it will really test my ability to stick to prep as meticulously as I have been!

Weight loss: 0.8lbs. Mid-week, my weight was up again so my carbs were slightly lowered and then the weight has dropped. Dieting by reducing calories slowly is definitely something to get used to in terms of seeing the progress materialise on the scale. For the first time, I definitely feel I look leaner. My workout clothes, with elasticated tops, are too big at the top!

Cardio: 2 x 7 HIIT intervals. I used the rower this week as been focusing on getting faster and more efficient on this when I workout with a personal trainer. Obviously, it made me feel like death, but I am really enjoying seeing my cadiovascular fitness improve as the weeks have progressed.

Calories: 2 x refeed days a week (carbohydrates increase to 250g, fats and protein remain the same). Regular days my carbohydrates have been reduced, but are still 185g.

Dieting approach: flexible dieting. Check out my Instagram to see what I have been eating.

Training: 6 workouts a week.

How I am feeling: Feeling great! I made a benchpress PR this week and joined the 100lbs club, yay!!! My leg workouts have also been good, so much so that sweat was dripping from my eyelashes. I utilize a DUP program (daily undulating periodization), meaning the rep ranges of each of my sessions vary throughout the week. I have been making a massive effort to ensure I progressively overload every week and it is definitely paying off, both in terms of strength and aesthetics. I pulled 235lbs for every sumo/conventional deadlift and my glutes have also grown 0.5cm this week – so they are currently the biggest they have ever been!

My nutrition and workouts are programmed by New York Muscle Radio go check these guys out and search for their Podcast on iTunes or YouTube.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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