8 weeks out: Lesson learnt, measure progress consistently

Another week, another adventure! This week I moved into my sister’s apartment to look after her two cats whilst she goes back to the U.K. Staying on track with nutrition and training was no problem as my sister only lives 10 minutes away, but I did learn a valuable lesson…not to use someone else’s scales when measuring progress! Just like everything else, consistency is key. This week, I am living in her apartment still, but have my own scales packed!
Weight loss: 0.9lbs. About time! Some people’s approach to prep is to cut calories really low at the start and make minimal changes to their nutrition as they progress. My calories on my last prep changed twice in the whole prep! This time, my calories change up to bi-weekly! With gradual changes, weight loss is more gradual. I didn’t quite anticipate how gradual this may be and because I have not remotely ‘suffered’ yet, it feels a bit surreal!

Cardio: 2 x 9 HIIT intervals. I used the rower this week and this is by far the hardest part of my day! 9 HIIT intervals is exhausting and not remotely pretty to watch!!

Calories: 2 x refeed days a week (carbohydrates increase to 225g, fats and protein remain the same). Regular days my carbohydrates have been reduced and are at 160g.

Dieting approach: flexible dieting. Check out my Instagram to see what I have been eating.

Training: 6 workouts a week.

How I am feeling: Feeling good. As I shared with my coaches earlier, 8 weeks out in my last prep I bruised my finger so badly as I bit it so hard because it had approximately 2g of almond butter on it!! I equaled my squat 1 rep max this week! I am definitely mentally tougher than last time and I don’t go into my sessions thinking ‘I’m on prep so I don’t have to lift as heavy’. I go in thinking ‘I lifted x last week, so I need to do 1 more rep this week or add weight to the bar’.

My nutrition and workouts are programmed by New York Muscle Radio go check these guys out and search for their Podcast on iTunes or YouTube.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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