4 Weeks Out: Dieting Isn’t Complicated

4 weeks to go….think at the moment I am most excited about being tanned, I am tired of being pale! Actually feeling really excited about the whole thing at the moment, think ‘bumping into’ other people who will be competing at the same competition as me has made me feel like it is more real!
Weight loss: 1.1lbs. I dropped almost 2lbs of weight after my second high carb day of the week – refeeds definitely work with my body! I have only this week stopped drinking intra-workout carbs, they have been in my diet all the time until now. To be honest, the only reason I am no longer drinking carbs intra-workout is my tub of Karbolyn has finished and I didn’t want to buy another one yet!

Cardio: 2 x 10 HIIT intervals and 2 x 20 min LISS. I always enjoy LISS – it gives me a chance to get a real sweat on without having to overtly exert myself and it is time that you get to switch off; either reply to emails, listen to music/podcasts or just think! My second LISS session of the week, I was going too fast to do anything productive so just listened to some relaxing music (Confession, I really like classical music and listen to it to relax!)

Calories: 2 x refeed days a week (carbohydrates increase to 210g, fats and protein remain the same). Regular days my carbohydrates are at 145g.

Dieting approach: flexible dieting. Check out my Instagram to see what I have been eating.

Training: 6 workouts a week.

How I am feeling: Feeling great! I am not remotely stressed about the whole competing thing, nor am I suffering from ‘prep head’. I live with my parents, and although my Mum is fully aware of what I am doing, my Dad is absolutely clueless! I have learnt an awful lot through this prep – dieting isn’t complicated in either theory or practice. Challenging, it can be, but complicated, no. Before this dieting phase, I had over-complicated every previous ‘diet’ and put a lot of pressure on myself through a mixture of knowing that what I was being told didn’t add up but doing it anyway, as well as trying to balance far too many variables. I can honestly say I have loved the process so far! 4 more weeks to bring it!

My nutrition and workouts are programmed by New York Muscle Radio go check these guys out and search for their Podcast on iTunes or YouTube.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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