2 Weeks Out: A Calorie Deficit is a Calorie Deficit

2 weeks left to go, 14 days….how has this happened?! Gosh! This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with yesterday morning being the low! But, I started my new role at work, so that probably weighed on my week! At the end of the day, a substantial deficit is always going to affect you, whether you are on a strict meal plan or follow flexible dieting. Cravings 0. Desire for more food…definitely!
Weight loss: 1.5lbs. Much better than last week! Carbs have been dropped, but my work routine has gone from being really active 3 days a week, to having a sedentary desk job 5 days a week. I have been walking at lunchtime as Floridian weather at the moment is amazing! When it gets hotter outside, I will definitely have to find a different outlet to get some movement in!

Cardio: 2 x 11 HIIT intervals and 2 x 20 min LISS. Kept HIIT to the bike.

Calories: 2 x refeed days a week (carbohydrates increase to 190g, fats and protein remain the same). Regular days my carbohydrates are at 125g.

Dieting approach: flexible dieting. Check out my Instagram to see what I have been eating.

Training: 6 workouts a week.

How I am feeling: Feeling good (right now!) Felt pretty good all week, except for yesterday morning. I woke up super tired and super sore. I then tried to compensate with extra caffeine, which made me feel horrible. I am so caffeine sensitive and that did nothing for me! However, think it helped me to ‘sweat it out’ and, after a good workout and some sunbathing, I felt a million times better. Plus the high carb refeed definitely helped! I have been refeeding twice per week from the start of prep. To start with, they felt unnecessary, but I soon saw that they were not only helping with satiety and mental toughness, but also helping my metabolism and helping me drop weight. I check in bi-weekly with my coaches, and one of those check-ins is always the day after a refeed. I thought that this would skew my weigh-ins and I would be bloated or holding water from the additional carbs, but this is completely not the case. I have learnt that continuous refeeds has helped my body deal with the carbs properly. When I prepped before, refeeds left me SO bloated and also a lot heavier the day after. So, going forward, trying to focus on sleep this week and not trying to compensate tiredness with additional caffeine!

My nutrition and workouts are programmed by New York Muscle Radio go check these guys out and search for their Podcast on iTunes or YouTube.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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