My Top 10 Happiness Hacks

There are plenty of mundane, not very exciting aspects to our lives, so, where I can, I try to eliminate unnecessary stresses, annoyances and grievances! These definitely aren’t the key to being happy, but, hopefully, they will give you some ideas on how to cut out irritating aspects of everyday life!

  1. Chop up weekly vegetables all in one go. I have zero patience/care for all my vegetables to be finely diced, I am definitely more of a ‘roughly chopped’ kind of person. I love cooking, but I hate chopping. So, I chop them all up in one go and then use pots to store them for the week. I have a very cute plastic onion pot for keeping raw onion in – even better that you only have to shed onion tears once per week too!
  2. Have two laundry baskets. I have a great laundry basket that has a separate side for whites and darks. If not, I would definitely have a separate one for whites and darks. To me, there is nothing more frustrating than putting washing away to find out one sock still needs to be washed… separating laundry as I put it into the basket makes washing a breeze, and I can also accurately figure out when I need to do washing!
  3. Use glitter nail polish to prolong a manicure. (Sorry guys, not really for you here!) If you are like me and get shellac manicures regularly, you know how irritating it can be when you love the color, but your nails are growing out. Painting glitter at the base of the nail will give your manicure an extra week and also creates a really pretty ombre effect that is really easy to achieve.
  4. Disguise your work food. I don’t know what it is about work refridgerators where some people seem to think that it is a free for all! I have had many items of food disappear over the years, so, if I have something that is generic or pre-packaged (like an apple, individual yoghurt etc), I hide it inside onion/lemon containers. No-one will touch it if they think it is housing an onion or lemon! I know some people write their names on things, but I don’t like the idea of people thinking I don’t trust them (I don’t trust them, but you know what I mean!)
  5. Use a pill organizer. Best 99 cents I have spent. Even though I don’t take many pills, if you take more than one pill daily, I highly recommend them. Unscrewing numerous pill pots takes up more time than I would care to give it, so I portion out my weekly vitamins and every morning, all I have to do is open up the day and pour them out!
  6. Get outside. I know I live in a beautifully sunny state, but regardless of where you live, getting outside everyday should be part of your to-do list. In the U.K., often the best weather would be first thing in the morning. Even just a quick 10 minute walk will boost your mood and give you some fresh air! I have found that the sounds of nature are so relaxing and beneficial to my everyday well-being.
  7. Appreciate negative situations for what they are. We can’t have great days every day, but we can let a bad situation turn into a bad day. A big change in my mindset happened when I stopped viewing bad situations as bad days. Appreciate that something negative has happened, wallow in it momentarily, then plan how you are going to combat that. Then put the bad situation in a box and treat it as a negative experience that you can learn and grow from.
  8. Eradicate unnecessary expenses and treat yourself instead. I developed a habit of using toll roads everywhere, most of the time they were saving me less than 5 minutes of my journey. I have now started avoiding these where possible and using the money to buy something I otherwise might not! Obviously these treats are relatively inexpensive, so you get to treat yourself and not feel remotely bad about it.
  9. Invest in what you value. If you don’t value something, don’t invest time or money in it. Find ways to get rid of it, or, if it is unavoidable, then find ways to minimize the impact it has on your day and in your life. Life is for living, not for existing through monotony. 
  10. Smile and ask everyone you speak to how they are. A smile and upfront friendliness are rare to encounter. Not only will you ooze positivity, but it is hard to be miserable if you are greeting everyone with a grin! Without realizing it, you will establish a reputation for being friendly and helpful…without having had to work at it!

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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