A Full Day of Eating; ‘Peak Week’ – 1 Week Out from the Bikini Stage

This isn’t going to be the prettiest diary of food, but all people are ever exposed to on the Internet or in magazine articles about ‘peak week’ are multiple versions of fundamentally the same diet. My macros aren’t high, but hopefully it shows you both an alternative to tilapia and asparagus 6 times a day as well as how you can make the best of poverty macros! Please remember, I am one week away from the bikini stage, this is not a sustainable diet!

Breakfast – 245kcal; 30p, 16c, 9f

1 pot of banana fosters Elli quark mixed with caramel Walden Farms syrup and 40g cookie dough favored G Butter, alongside a cup of black coffee, 2g salted caramel Slap! BCAAs, a multi-vitamin and a fish oil capsule.

Lunch – 120kcal; 22p, 10c, 2f * the 2g BCAAs I drank to facilitate protein synthesis as protein content was less than 25g

1 packet of Miracle Noodle fettucine, rinsed and sauted with 114g zucchini discs, 70g sliced mushrooms, 1 tsp ground cumin, 52g cooked chicken, 15g sugar free G Hughes maple brown BBQ sauce and 2g salted caramel Slap! BCAAs.

Pre-workout – 234kcal; 30p, 23c, 2f

1 Flatout original wrap with 40g iceberg lettuce, 80g arugula and 45g G Hughes sugar free hickory BBQ sauce, rolled into a wrap alongside 180ml vanilla Muscle Egg.

Pre/Intra workout – 16kcal; 4p

(4g Prosupps mixed berry BCAAs and 5g Musclepharm creatine monohydrate drunk pre/intra-workout).

Post workout – 279kcal; 31p, 30c, 4f

40g quick cook oatmeal cooked with 50g grated zucchini, 1/2tsp cinnamon and baking powder alongside a blended protein shake of 32g Dymatize whey isolate (chocolate coconut flavor) and 200ml refridgerated black coffee.

Pre-bed – 234kcal; 30p, 20c, 9f

180g non-fat greek yoghurt mixed with 100g blackberries, 2g unsweetened shredded coconut and strawberry Walden Farms syrup alongside 40g brownie batter G Butter.

I also drank 4 liters water, 2 cans Aquafina mango fizzy water, 1.5l Trader Joes lime fizzy water and 1 cup Teabella carrot cake flavored tea.

Total macros for the day – 1,172kcal; 146p, 99c, 25f. My prescribed macros for the day were 1,205kcal; 145p, 100c, 25f. Seeing as protein and carbohydrates are both 4kcal per gram, I left my macros as 1g over on protein and 1g under on carbs.

Next time I do one of these, it will be accounting for more calories than this!

Benchpressingbaubles, x


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