5 Ways to Winter-fy your Summer Staple Recipes

It’s even been cold in Florida (yes, okay, not North Dakota cold, but still, there have been frosts!) I have found myself fancying all kinds of foods that I haven’t eaten in years in order to warm me up! Like most people, I have my go-to meals that I eat most of the time. But when it’s chilly, even they need a little seasonal changes.


I love a good salad. And by a good salad, I mean an abundance of volume and a lot of variety. Instead of using your base as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and other raw veggies, try  having a bed of spinach. Spinach is great because it starts off with so much volume. Also if you then spruce up your salad with roasted/panfried/steamed veggies like butternut squash, beetroot, parsnips, bell peppers etc, spinach will cope well when reheating your salad in the microwave. Hot lettuce isn’t nice, but hot spinach means wilted spinach and has a wholly different texture. Adding in nuts also creates a wintery feel; from pistachios to almonds, take your pick!


Eggs are delicious, hot or cold, and if you are accustomed to having eggs on toast, why not try having a base of quinoa or oatmeal instead. These carb sources are more warming bases than toast!


I love a yogurt bowl. On the weekends, these typically are my evening desserts. But with a fire blasting, yogurt doesn’t lend itself to the  winter vibes. Instead of using yogurt as your base, use it as a topping. A dollop of yogurt on top of a warmed cake like my Raspberry White Chocolate Blondies will keep your protein intake high but also keep you warm on the inside too. Instead of adding summer fruits, like blueberries and strawberries, capitalise on what’s seasonal now. If you are low on carbs, then blackberries and rhubarb are great winter, low carb fruits. If you have a few more carbs to play with, then apples, pears and plums are a nice addition to desserts.


If you like drinking protein shakes, a real summer drink for me is when I blend them with a lot of ice. In the winter, though, this is sure to send a chill through your bones! Instead, why not add your scoop of protein to a bowl of plain oatmeal or make into a Molten Chocolate Protein Lava Cake Another alternative that I liked doing in the UK was shaking up a chocolate protein shake and transferring to a mug and heating in the microwave for an instant protein hot chocolate!


I love ice-cream and if you follow my Instagram, you see I eat a lot of the low calorie, protein infused ice-creams on the market. Whether you eat these or regular ice-cream, I highly recommend you top your oatmeal with a scoop (or two). Growing up, a winter pudding favourite was always crumble and custard or ice-cream. The main ingredient in the crumble topping is oats, so you can re-create this British dessert conveniently (and with fewer calories) by preparing your oatmeal with your favorite fruits and adding some ice-cream to the top.

-Benchpressingbaubles, x


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