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I am Nia Kaye (Benchpressing Baubles), a 27 (yikes) year old British expat living in Tampa, Florida. I am a fitness fanatic; I love lifting weights; cooking (and EATING) good food and listening to fitness and nutrition podcasts.

I haven’t always been into fitness; in fact my love of exercise began when I saw some very unflattering photos of me from a family summer holiday. I never ate ‘unhealthily’ but bought into marketing campaigns which promoted products to help ‘fight flab’. I also have always had an enormous appetite and have now learnt what I need to put into my body to fuel it. My road to eating clean has not been smooth, (and I am forever making mistakes and learning), but I hope on this blog to share my personal experiences around health and fitness as well as reviewing products, sharing my homemade recipes and going on the odd rant (or several) about everyday life too. I fully believe in ’embracing the grey’ and that fitness, life and everything else is never simply black and white.

Outside of fitness, I enjoy painting, crafting, Christmas (hence the ‘baubles’ part of my social media handles) and enjoying everyday life. I have an upper 2nd class BA (Hons) degree in Communication and a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education (PGCE). I taught elementary aged children for 4 years in both Wales and in Florida, but retired from the elementary teaching world in 2016. I had a dramatic career change and work in the world of sales around consumer packaged goods.

I would really appreciate any feedback and please feel free to get into contact with me by emailing me at benchpressingbaubles@gmail.com or view my Instagram here. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and it gives you some food for thought; some smirks and some inspiration too.

– Benchpressingbaubles, x


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